Dirt 5 Redeem Code Download of All Consoles

Dirt 5 Redeem Code Download of All Consoles

Title might have gave you the idea about the article, yes we are talking the giveaway of Dirt 5 redeem code of xbox one,xbox series x,PS5,PS4 and PC. All you want to sit tight and read our article till the end. The great happy news you are going to save money and does not need a single dollar from you side to install Dirt 5 on your console. So let’s come to matter.

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To be honest, we don’t know how long this program continues. So highly recommend getting your digital download code to activate the game on your console. Now let’s move to Dirt 5 details and its review.

Dirt 5 Redeem Code


As the newest DIRT game, DIRT 5 offers a bold and exciting off-road racing experience. Its one-of-a-kind and outstanding routes and drives are made possible by the codemasters who are behind this epic racing game. Truly an upgrade, DIRT 5 now has an online mode, playground arena, and creator mode, among other game features.

Online mode

DIRT 5 comes with the online mode feature where you can have two options: racing and party games. Its online mode allows you to play with other DIRT 5 players using the online platform.

Arcade mode

With DIRT 5’s split-screen ability, you can now play with your friends in a single screen, because DIRT 5 now allows this feature, and for up to 4 screens!  

Playground mode

Another exciting feature that DIRT 5 carries is the Playground Mode, this is where you can choose different settings or curated events to race on. The playground and events in this setting are made by different players also, which they have published for the DIRT 5 community to experience and enjoy.

Create Mode

Through the DIRT 5’s create mode, you can also make your own event. This will unleash your creativity and uniqueness as this will allow you to decorate and manipulate your own racing event. You can customize ramps, roads, humps, decorations, and start and end lines.

Once you publish your creation, you can enjoy your very own playground for you, your friends, and other DIRT 5 players to enjoy.

Vehicle selections

Aside from DIRT 5’s innovative gameplay, the vehicle selections are numerous and amazing which includes classy, sturdy, and even wacky designs. Among these vehicles are the following world-class brands: Ford, BMW, Mini Cooper, Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Mitsubishi, and Subaru.

These vehicles in DIRT 5 also allow car customization, wherein you can change and play with colors, textures, and even add stickers and decals.


We hope you have loved our tutorial on Dirt 5 redeem code and also hope you have installed the Dirt 5 game on your console or PC too. You can get support from our team for any issues related to our program through the contact page.

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